Youths Against Substance Abuse

YASA is a project funded by the North-East Development Commission Education Endowment Fund. The project was facilitated by David Folaranmi foundation and Food and Genes Initiative in Gombe State, Nigeria with a 10-man team of facilitators and trainers. The aim of the project was to train youths to become addiction professionals and advocates against drug abuse in their respective communities. The project was split into two phases including peer advocacy training and drug abuse prevention projects.

Diet and Productivity

There is a big connection between the food we eat and the activities that go on in out brains. Interestingly, these activities could interfere with the result we produce at work and our lives. Diet and productivity is an online seminar aimed at educating participants on the kind of diets and lifestyle needed to improve their mental health and increase their productivity at work. 

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

NDAFW is an annual, week-long health observance that inspires dialogue about the science of drug use and addiction among youth. NDAFW provides an opportunity to bring together scientists, students, educators, healthcare providers, and community partners—to help advance the science, so that we can improve the prevention and awareness of substance misuse in our own communities and nationwide. 

Malnalife Project

In September 2020, we organized a 30 days online awareness campaign on malnutrition to sensitize people on the essence of exclusive breastfeeding, good hygiene, and infant nutrition. We facilitated the project in partnership with 4 other organizations which include The Neo Child Initiative, Health Volunteers Naija, Chronmate, and Health4All Initiative.

Our campaign went across 7 countries in Africa reaching over 15,000 people creating an impression of over 60,000. Our goal is to increase the conversation on malnutrition across the continent and make it known to the global space that malnutrition is a menace killing children in our societies.

Creatively #Saynotodrugs

To celebrate the international Day Against Drug Abuse 2022, we organised a competition for people to creatively say no to drugs using work of art, entertainment, spoken words, poems, skits, monologue, animations and choreography.  All participants received a certificate of participation and the top 3 creative ideas received cash prizes. 

Community Outreat Against Drug Abuse

In December 2019, we carried out a community outreach on substance abuse at Owode Community, Ogun State, Nigeria. The aim of the outreach is to sensitize youths in the community on the effects of substance abuse, and health outreach for old people in the community. Our team engaged the young people and use brief counselling to engage them. We were able to reach 50 young people and carry out health checkup for 50 old people in the community.

NCDS 365

NCDs 365 campaign is an online campaign aimed at creating awareness on non communicable diseases including diabetes, cancers and cardiovascular diseases. The campaign spanned from January till December 2020 and impacted thousands of people. Also, it was carried out in partnership with 19 different organizations across Africa.

365 DAYS (Drug Abuse Youths Sensitisation)

With the aim of reducing drug use in Nigeria, we organized a campaign called 365 DAYS (Drug Abuse Youths Sensitization). The project is in tandem with the sustainable development goal 3.5 and it involves 365 days of social media sensitization and offline campaigns on drug abuse. Our objective is towards enlightening young children between age 7 and 14 about drug abuse and the effect on their lives and society, also to provide information such as rehabilitation centers and brief interventions for drug addicts.